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Rubber screens reduce noise and extend wear-life.

Round rubber openings relieve plugging.

As with all screening media, rubber screening panels and rubber screening systems have been established as a cost-effective solution to many severe and abrasive screening conditions. Rubber screening panels and systems offer several distinct advantages when compared to conventional "steel" screening media.

Noise Abatement
Indeed, rubber screening surfaces are an ideal solution to this ongoing problem. Decibel levels can be reduced up to 75% when compared to traditional steel screening and impact surfaces.

Impact Wear
The use of rubber screening media and rubber impact pads offers aggregate producers the benefit of reduced wear of these normally high-wear items. Due to the resiliency of rubber, much greater wear-life is realized.

Sliding Abrasion Wear
Rubber screening media and abrasion-resistant rubber liners can dramatically extend wear-life when compared to many steel surfaces.

Increased Aggregate Production
Many synthetic and rubber screening surfaces have a slightly reduced open area, although this is compensated for by the greater gains in wear-life. In many screening circumstances, round opening shaped rubber panels actually increase aggregate production where plugging/pegging is prevalent. Due to the round opening shape, aggregate material that attempts to pass through the surface and cannot is readily ejected from the opening, eliminating the plugging condition. (See photo.)

Nepean Rubber and plastics custom design rubber screening panels to ideally suit your particular screening application and perfectly fit your screening equipment. Support bars can be covered and protected from wear. Impact pads can be molded into the rubber screening surface and accommodations for a centre hold-down bar can be provided. Hoyt also supplies modular rubber replacement panels for most screening systems. Square openings, slotted openings and round openings are available

Rubber Scalping Screens designed for high impact materials. 

Our Heavy duty Moulded Rubber screen panels provide excellent resistance to impact and abrasion in scalping applications and coarse dry screening.

Rubber screen panels cost less than polyurethane and generally outlast conven¬tional wire cloth or steel plate.

You get low maintenance and high cost efficiency in applications that are too se¬vere for conventional wire cloth.

Steel-backed rubber screens ( above picture)

Ideally suited for scalping applications. Rubber moulded on full steel plate.

  • 40 mm to 250 openings, square, round or slotted
  • 25 mm to 240 mm thick
  • 6mm  to 16 mm steel back

Steel frame / cable-reinforced screens

For medium impact/high wear applications. Rubber moulded on steel frame or reinforced with galvanized aircraft cable.

  • 25mm to 125mm openings, 40 mm to 200 thick



Fabric-reinforced screens
Cross-Tensioned Rubber screen Mats

For low impact/high wear applications. Rubber reinforced with nylon/polyester fabric.

  • 5mm to 50mm openings, 6mm to 60 mm thick
  • Modular systems available


  • Extended wear life in dry applications
  • High impact resistance
  • Low maintenance
  • Rubber vulcanized with steel plate recommended for heavy and high impact applications

Toughness — Rubber will absorb and flex from high impact forces that would shatter punched steel plates or woven wire mesh

  • 40 to 80 Shore hardness Rubber in a high wear resistant compound
  • Bolt down, hooked or quick install
  • Available with or without skid bars
  • any hole patterns available

Durability — In impact and wear applications, rubber screens can outlast wire screens by a factor of 10-1

  • Used to protect chutes, hoppers and other high wear areas
  • Effective at feed end / high impact areas

Flexibility — Rubber’s natural elasticity will substantially reduce material build-up and blinding. Unified also offers a proprietary graphite compound to virtually eliminate wet, sticky build-up.

  • Easy installation and replacement
  • Used in feeder bins, chutes, feed / discharge lip liners
  • Eliminates clean-out downtime

Other products and accessories:

  • Rubber feed plates
  • Rubber canoe liners
  • Rubber chute liners
  • Rubber clamp rails
  • Rubber feed cone liners and hoppers
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